Valley of Gold is the fifth village in Postknight, presented as an area surrounded by rocky crags overlooking a permanent sunset. It is unlocked after completing Caldemount and must be completed to move on to the sixth village, the Fractured Forest.

Story Edit

Valley of Gold begins with the player being informed of the area's interest for opening trade routes to the rest of the Kurestal kingdom, but is a hot topic due to the isolationism and hostile nature of some of the inhabitants of the area, the Goldins.

When making deliveries, the player will come across Ironwald the Merchant, a story character that serves Goldins by delivering goods to them, similarly to the player. However, he eventually goes missing as his disappearance creates more tensions prior to a meeting with the Goldins, debating the use of foreign trade.

Meanwhile, the player is directly confronted with Baron Goldilack, a rambunctious Goldin that holds the opinion against foreign trading and tries to stop the player from proceeding. After defeat, he reveals that his position is influenced by an unknown source and that several occurrences to make outsiders seem bad to the Goldin population were largely manufactured.

Further exploration brings the forces of the Miners, the local group of workers led by the Chief Miner. It is shown that they are the source of conflict, allowing them to continue their mining operation without foreign competition damaging their gold monopoly.

Overview Edit

Valley of Gold is a very dark, rocky place with sparse vegetation and grass that most other areas abundantly had. This allows for a radical change in the area's color pallet compares to the rest of the game, presenting many warm colors of deep browns in the ground to the yellow and orange sunset that the area opens to in the background. Going outside the village for deliveries presents the player with a secondary setting for the Valley of Gold, being a large, open cave system dotted with mushrooms, crystal clusters and stalagmites in the foreground and background.

The residence of the Valley of Gold follow the structure of previous towns, with a blacksmith, alchemist and trader in the second, third and fourth houses. However, the area is unique in the fact that it lacks a Leader character that allows access to the Re-allocation and Recovery menu. There is one love interest located at the second house.

Items & Content Edit

When the player defeats enemies in the Valley of Gold, they will receive Tier 5 items and equipment. Another Ore change occurs, with Gold Ore being used in place of Silver Ore when upgrading Tier Five equipment. The trader sells a new potion, the Crystal Potion.

Enemies of the Valley of Gold fall into three groups, natural monsters, Goldins and Miners.