For anyone reading this, please give some constructive critism and provide your own input (either against or for) towards my ideas. Plus note that I have currently only reached the end of Griffondell, resetting upon the official release of Postknight, so I have no clue on Caldemount and Valley of Gold:

New Pages:

Leaders* - Please note that the title is up in the air for this page, due to the inconsistant nature of the characters. But they should be all contained to a single page, as they all share the same function for the Re-allocation and Recovery menu. Explaining each character and explaining the mechanic should provide enough content to warrent the page.

Blacksmiths - Obvious, as all characters and other professions of NPC aside from Leaders are consistant.

Alchemists - Ditto, could be merged with Brewing page since that refers to the brewing and Alchemists enabling brewing.

Traders - Ditto.

Items - This will be a difficult one, but I think that having a comprehensive list of all the items. An ideal table would look like this:

Name Image Tier Usage
Copper Nugget Tier 1 Blacksmith, Trading

"Tiers" would refer to the area that the item relates to first, so Copper Nuggest being related to Tier 1 Pompon and Tier 2 Shello Bay should be Tier 1, Siren Scales Tier 2, Mevari Feather Tier 3, etc. Usage will be Blacksmith, Alchemy, Trading and Relationships.

Stats - Will include Strength, Vitality, Intelligence and Agility.

Experience - Will include leveling information, but will require a lot of development and digging by the community for how EXP is granted to the player.


Changing general Potions page to brewing or just removal - Though it was the first page, having individual pages for potions may not be a bad idea, as they have the bonus of having unique strategy segments what could cluster a single page. That, and location of unlock and pre-requisite would further differentiate the pages.

Having a general potions page wouldn't be needed if pages would explain potion brewing individually, but excluding such sections from individual potions and linking this page for the itmes used to improve brewing effects will further reduce repitition on pages as well as letting strategy breath properly.


The Player or Player: Both pages are about the exact same character, one with promotional backing and a proper infobox, the other having general application. Merging the information would be good while deleting the other duplicate would suffice.