Not to be confused with Combat Stats.

Stats refer to the four attributed stats of Postknight, pertaining to Strength, Agility, Intelligence and Vitality. These are gained when the player levels up and gains points to attribute to their respective stat. When the player allocates more points to a single stat type, the amount of points required to gain more points of said stat will increase.

Overview Edit

Stats are a crucial element of Postknight, allowing the player to specialize their character to their preference and defeat new threats that gradually increase in power alongside the player. Each stat has a very important role to play within combat:

Strength Edit

Strength is a simple yet important stat for any player, allowing for increased damage to the enemy that can further be enhanced by skills or critical hits. Without adequate strength, the player will lack the power needed to defeat enemies quickly and safely, which can jeopardise their progression in the current level.

Agility Edit

Agility allows the player to become more defensive and more offensive with the introduction and increased rate of critical hits and dodging. Critical Hits deal increased damage to the enemy, replacing the smaller damage text with a larger, red colored font in its place to signify that critical damage has been dealt. Dodging is indicated by a blue message over the player's head that reads "Dodge", negating the damage that would have been received on that hit. The weakness of Agility and its builds is the reliance on chance, allowing the player to lose based on circumstance with less ability to counteract.

Intelligence Edit

A point of intelligence gives:

  • +2% experience gained
  • -2 magic damage taken

Intelligence allows the player to receive less damage from all magical sources, as well as generating more EXP for every enemy killed. Of all the stats, it is recommended to put less points in intelligence than other stats, as magical damage is the less common damage source within the five areas of Postknight. EXP gain is also unimpressive, as having the ability to level up more quickly is partially negated by the fact that spending points in Intelligence weakens the potential of other stats, effectively eliminating its usefulness and making the game longer than necessary.

Vitality Edit

Vitality is a very good stat to have partially invested in, as it increases the maximum HP one has at any given time, making the risk of defeat and high burst damage much easier to cope with. If lacking vitality, such instances of critical damage or high burst damage can become easily fatal, preventing progress forward in the game.

End Game Edit

As of patch 1.0.10, the meta for endgame stat reallocation (level 70) is to max strength and agility, with nothing into intelligence and hardly anything into vitality. The balance of strength and agi is up to the player. Strength offers guaranteed damage and better lifesteal, which is based off of your theoretical base damage output, meaning critical hits do not increase lifesteal. In addition, it is likely that the invisible knockback stat players' attacks have is also based on this and would likewise be unaffected by crits. Agility builds offer greater potential damage reduction due to dodging, which is particularly useful in high level hard courses. Also, agi focused builds have higher potential damage output, if the player equips crits damage boosting gear. The Feral helm, for instance, gives Robustic II, or +15% damage, whereas the Divine helm provides a 25% boost to critical damage. With high levels of dexterity, players can crit almost every hit, meaning if 3 crit damage boosting pieces are equipped, damage will increase by 75% or 95% (if the scaling is linear, i.e. the bonuses are added from the base, 75%. If the scaling is multiplicative, meaning adding 25% to the total value (1.25(1.25*(1.25*100))), 95%). <== TO BE TESTED

In-game Information Edit

Stat Color Effect Description
Strength/STR Red Increases the damage of the player's attacks. Increases physical damage.
Agility/AGI Green Increases the chances for the player to dodge attacks and ignore all damage, as well as the chances to critical hit, dealing bonus damage. Increase critical and dodge rate.
Intelligence/INT Blue Increases the defence towards magical damage sources and increasing the rate of experience gained during the adventure. Increases magical defence and experience gain.
Vitality/VIT Yellow Increases the maximum life of the player. Increases maximum health points.