Shello Bay is the second village in Postknight, presented as a sea-side town hoisted above the surrounding ocean by elevated platforms that serve as foundation for the housing and as a pathway. It is unlocked after completing Pompon and must be completed to proceed to Griffondell.

Story Edit

Shello Bay begins with rumors of creatures that steal Postknight's bags, as the player soon discovers that a close colleague from Postknight Academy has lost his bags. This character is named Tedric, who will periodically appear throughout the player's adventure and makes his debut here. After traveling some more, there is the introduction of Dahlia, the temporary love interest of Shello Bay that frequently gets lost and explains to the player how a recent shipment of items has been stolen to her dismay.

After consoling locals on who could be stealing these items, Dahlia is shown to be missing and will be absent from the village section, as it now depends on the player to try and find her against glowingly aggressive and prolific Pirate group.

Overview Edit

Shello Bay is unique to Postknight's color pallet of greens in lush, open landscapes by trading its scenery for a very open and scenic view of the ocean, accompanied by the use of light blues and islands that dot the background. This is further reflected on the inhabitants, who's roofs all use a palm-like brush that is commonly associated with housing in tropical areas.

Unlike the other towns of Postknight, Shello Bay is unique in the fact that after full completion it lacks a proper relationship NPC. Dahlia is present for a majority of the player's visit, but leaves to Caldemount permanently after the player heads off to Griffondell. Otherwise, the Leader, Blacksmith, Alchemist and Trader are all located at the first,second, third and fourth houses respectively.

Items & Content Edit

When completing quests and levels of Shello Bay, the player will receive Tier Two items. Like Pompon before it, Shello Bay does not house a unique potion to be purchased.

A large majority of the items found within Shello Bay are heavily tied to the theme of undersea life, with many animals closely associated with seas being utilized.

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