Senna is the third NPC of the game, and Farmer Sylvena’s daughter. She appears once you arrive at Griffondell, and tells the player that knightmail is “not very popular”. From then on, you will be able to receive gifts and give gifts to her. After that, Tangerine, a delivery bird, will get lost, and after completing Griffondell, she will manage to find Tangerine again.

Gifts Edit

Again, there’s always the option to check the Relationships page, but suit yourself.

Milk (1/4)

Grilled Salmon (1/4)

Feather Pendant (1/2)

Yellow Daffodil (1/2)

Summer Charm (1) Blossom Festival

Witch Ensemble (1) Hollow’s Eve

Wintertide Scarf (1) Wintertide Event