Relationships, also known as Bonds, refer to gameplay interactions between the player and the various love interests in Postknight.

Overview Edit

In the game, the player can create bonds with some of the NPCs found in the areas such as Pompon or Griffondell. One can give gifts to these NPCs to improve their affection, and in exchange these NPCs will give a gift box. Whatever is received from the gift box depends on the level of the bond and what character is giving the gift. The level of this bond also unlocks unique dialoge, becoming more friendly the stronger the bond is. The ability to give a gift to these NPCs waits on a cooldown every four hours after giving any type of gift. A level of at least three hearts will unlock the Receive option, as well as the NPCs occasionally appearing in the middle of adventure routes with free healing.

The boxes contain materials related to the NPC. Fleur, for example, usually gifts plants and herbs, since she's the herbalist's daughter and participates on quests that involve collecting herbs. One can receive a gift box every 12 hours. If attempting to receive with insufficient bondage strength, then this cooldown will not occur.

Important Note: There's a natural decay of affection if the player does not visit or give a gift to an NPC over a long period of time.

Gifting Edit

Every NPC likes to receive a certain type of gift, and just like the boxes that they give, the lore of the character can give hints of what they may like to be gifted. For example, a young gal may not like the gift of alcohol.

Postknight dating

Gifting an item that an NPC does not like will make the hearts drop significantly.

Once can obtain the gifts as drops from enemies, from chests or buying it from the Merchant. However, what gift items the merchant sells also depends in what area they are trading in. For example, the White Lily can only be bought from the merchant in Pompon.

The numbers in the brackets represent the amount of hearts once receives per gifting.

Girl Favored Items Disliked Items Place of Meeting Unlock Conditions
Gift03 Honey [1/4]
Gift02 Mushroom Soup [1/4]
Gift24 Polka Dot Ribbon [1/2]
Gift21 White Lily [1/2]
Gift28 Sweet Delight (Event) [1]
Gift12 Grilled Salmon
Gift05 Coffee
Gift08 Hoop Earrings
Gift20 Green Orchid
Pompon Village Finish Timber Path V
Gift06Curry Rice [1/4]
Gift07 Apple Juice [1/4]
Gift15 Leaf Handkerchief [1/2]
Gift20 Green Orchid [1/2]
Gift29 Spring Bloom (Event) [1]
Gift04 Beer
Gift01 Roast Beef

Gift23 Feather Pendant
Gift22 Red Rose

Pompon Village Finish Creek Trail V
Gift04 Beer [1/4]
Gift01 Roast Beef [1/4]
Gift08 Hoop Earrings [1/2]
Gift22 Red Rose [1/2] or [2/3]
Gift25 Classic Desire (Event) [1]
Gift13 Salad
Gift11 Milk
Gift24 Polka Dot Ribbon
Gift16 Lavender
Shello Bay / Caldemount PostKnight Rank B & Reach Caldemount
Gift11 Milk [1/4]
Gift12 Grilled Salmon [1/4]
Gift23 Feather Pendant [1/2]
Gift19 Yellow Daffodil [1/2] or [2/3]
Gift30 Summer Charm (Event) [1]
Gift10 Pancakes
Gift09 Peach Tea
Gift17 Haircomb
Gift18 Pink Carnation
Griffondell Reach Griffondell
Gift09 Peach Tea [1/4]
Gift13 Salad [1/4]
Gift14 Butterfly Bracelet [1/2]
Gift18 Pink Carnation [1/2] or [2/3]
Gift26 Blushing Allure (Event) [1]
Gift06 Curry Rice
Gift07 Apple Juice

Gift15 Leaf Handkerchief
Gift19 Yellow Daffodil

Caldemount Reach Caldemount
Gift05 Coffee [1/4]
Gift10 Pancakes [1/3]
Gift17 Haircomb [1/2]
Gift16 Lavender [1/2] or [2/3]
Gift27 Bright Devotion (Event) [1]
Gift02 Mushroom Soup
Gift03 Honey

Gift14 Butterfly Bracelet
Gift21 White Lily

Valley of Gold Reach Valley of Gold

Memories Edit

You can gain a "memory" gift from each of the girls. This is a picture of an event between you and the girl. This "memory" is stored in the stats book under bonds, after the 5 hearts. You can also gain other memories if you have reached 5 hearts and give them a cherished item you can buy at Caldemount

It is obtained by gifting the girl's favorite Blossom Festival bouquet while reaching 4-5 hearts and you receive the memory "Blossom Festival With [girl's name]".

Additionally, you may obtain a separate memory if you gift an item the girl really wants at 5 hearts. The items are only sold in Caldemount and cost 250000 coins and 100 of a material, 10 of a bar of ore or 30 of a gifting item. You will receive the memory "Cherished By [girl's name]"

Girl Item Cost
Magnolia Caspid Honey 30 Honey, 250000 Coins
Fleur Herb Almanac 100 Sage, 250000 Coins
Senna Mysterious Eggs 100 Camphor Logs, 250000 Coins
Dahilia Ameranne Wine 30 Beer, 250000 Coins
Camelia Quivtol Tea 100 Firebloom, 250000 Coins
Asteria Titanium Ore 10 Gold Bars, 250000 Coins

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