Relationship Items are a group of items in Postknight that are used to heighten a relationship between the player and of one of the "Love Interests" before the item is consumed.

Unlike a majority of items, they can only be earned by completing delivery quests within chests or by trading. Though they are much less common to some across than other items, their impact on the main quest however is virtually insignificant if the player opts out of gifting the girls and proceeding with their relationship. If the player does proceed to gift these items to the love interests, they will begin to gift back non-relationship items, effectively becoming a generator for specific items.

Each item is unique in its effects toward the six love interests, allowing for a potential gain or loss of relationship power indicated by the heart meter beside each character's name when spoken to. This bond can be observed in the character's profile page. The price of each item can vary, as well as the power gained for the girl and the preference.

Currently, there are _ individual relationship items.

Curry Rice, Leaf Handkerchief, Honey, White Lily, Green Orchid, Red Rose, Yellow Daffodil, Pink Carnation, Lavender

Pancakes, Apple Juice, Peach Tea, Beer, Grilled Salmon, Butterfly Bracelet

Feather Pendent, Salad, Mushroom Soup

Haircomb, Polka Dot Ribbon, Coffee


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