Potions are reusable items that heal a specific amount of health points and grant an additional buff, depending on the type of potion consumed. Only one type of potion can be equipped at one time. After using a potion, there will be a Cooldown Time before it can be consumed again.

There are three attributes to each potion: Healing Power (health points regeneration), Cooldown Time (waiting time before it can be used again) and Bonus (a buff unique to each potion). Each attribute can be enhanced by infusing specific items into the potion by talking to any Alchemist.

Types of Potion Edit

There are four potions available in Postknight. Starting with the Red Potion as default, other potions are available from Merchants upon advancing to Griffondell and areas beyond. After acquiring more than one potion type, potions can be selected by talking to the Alchemist.

Potion Initial HP HP per


Initial Bonus Bonus per Upgrade Initial Cooldown Trader Area
Red 26 6 +1 Extra defence Carle Pompon
Green 68 8 102% Movement Speed +2% Extra movement speed 6.5s Orella Griffondell
Blue 129 9 11 Magical Defence +1 Extra Magical Defence 9.5s Cyrus Caldemount
Crystal 220 20 +11 Attack +1 Extra attack 8.5s Zena Valley

Healing Power Edit

Healing Power can be increased by infusing the following items:

  • Ceruleaf
  • Costar
  • Argiebii (a pun on RGB, meaning Red-Green-Blue.)
  • Kuroot
  • Glowbuds
  • Blood Acorn

By fully filling the bar, Increase Healing Power depending on Potion type (See table above), at the same time +1s to Cooldown Time.

Cooldown Time Edit

Cooldown Time can be reduced by infusing the following items:

  • Puffwort
  • Angel Wings
  • Galesip
  • Tuffler Tusk
  • Grottoshroom
  • Gooberry

By fully filling the bar, -0.5s is reduced from Cooldown Time. Thus, fully filling two bars of Cooldown Time negates the additional +1s from each bar of Healing Power. Cooldown time is capped at a minimum of 3 seconds. If you fill the bar when the cooldown is already 3 seconds, it will not be wasted, but it will only take effect after the healing of the potion is next upgraded.

Bonus Edit

The effectiveness of Bonus can be increased by infusing the following items:

  • Sage
  • Chuvie
  • Danderion
  • Firebloom
  • Moonbud
  • Golden Basil

By fully filling the bar, 1 point of buff effectiveness is added into Bonus depending on Potion type (See table above).