Pompon is the first village in Postknight, presented as a lush, vibrant forest. It is the first area the player enters, and has no prerequisite to unlocking. Once completed, Shello bay can be progressed to.

Story Edit

As the player begins the game, they are introduced to the role of Postknight, assigned to Pompon as their first assignment. Initially, the village is all but deserted, due to the false reporting of a dragon coming to attack the village. The first task presented to the player is to find the villagers and the Chief Merrick's granddaughter Magnolia. After rounding up the villagers, the player encounters Fleur as she tries to gather up herbs for a local annual delivery, which is temporarily apprehended by the Bandit Chief before being reclaimed by the player and properly delivered.

Overview Edit

Serving as the introduction to Postknight, Pompon has a very earthy and natural coloring to it, containing many light greens, yellows for the roadway and clear blue skies. The pathway is rugged but clear, only obscured by low tufts of grass in the foreground with tall trees in the immediate background blocking large chunks of the sky. Most of the houses are made of hay, stone and wood either in light neutral colors or in a complete black hue like Alchemist Fiora's house.

Within Pompon is a Leader, Blacksmith, Alchemist and Trader located in the first, second, third and fourth houses, though require the player to progress partially though Pompon's story to bring them back. There are two love interests located in Pompon, Magnolia is located in the first house and Fleur is located at the third house.

Items & Content Edit

As the player progresses through the levels of Pompon, they will collect Tier One Equipment and Brewing Items. They will also receive the Red Potion once the Alchemist Fiora returns to town.

Enemies of Pompon range from Dire Wolves in various stages of growth to local bandits and their Chief, loosely fitting the forest theme and introducing the player to the main faces of corruption they will face in the next villages.

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