The player is the protagonist of Postknight and they are controlled by you. They go on quests and explore the world of Postknight.

Promotional Material Edit




Your friendly neighborhood postman. Dons the standard postman uniform and carries a regular mailbag for letters to be delivered.

A chivalrous graduate of the Postknight Academy. Armed and prepared for dangerous deliveries, they carry scrolls in a customized bag.
Following the mail regulations, regular postmen do not deliver risky or dangerous goods. Senders usually approach private services instead. Postknights are prepared to handle all kinds of goods, and aim to safely deliver them to their recipients.
  • Postknights deliver written mail, albeit at a higher price. If your recipient lives somewhere difficult to access, a postknight would be a better choice!
  • Normal and medium-sized parcels pose no problems for a postknight. Instead of carrying the bulky parcels around, scrolls allow postknights to carry a few at one go.
  • Large parcels that would usually require couriers are fine for postknights, as they can be sealed into the scrolls for easier transportation.

In-Game Edit

The Player is the protagonist of the story, going on adventures throughout the kingdom of Kurestal. When beginning the game for the first time, the player will be able to name the character.

Once playing, they will begin to combat monsters, interact with NPCs and customize their various assets of stats and equipment.

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