Griffondell is the third village in Postknight, presented as a high, alpine-esque area to suit the village's motif of air and winds. It is unlocked after completing Shello Bay and must be completed to proceed to Caldemount.

Story Edit

Once the player completes Shello Bay, they will be transported to Griffondell and introduced Senna and her mother, Sylvena. Prior to arrival, Griffondell had utilized delivery-birds to transfer letters, but that they were soon attacked by a new threat. During the player's traveling, Senna's personal delivery bird Tangerine will be lost and it falls to the player to retrieve it.

Overview Edit

In contrast to the use of dark, earthy greens and yellows in Pompon, Griffondell is most notable for its light green hills and its high ground to show the mountainous area surrounding, as well as showing a massive tree in the far background. The housing elements as well as the surrounding atmosphere give a distinct influence of air flow, with pinwheels and aviary details that co-inside with the overall air motif.

Within Griffondell is a local Leader, Blacksmith, Alchemist and Trader on the first, second, third and fourth houses respectively. There is one love interest in Griffondell, Senna located in the first house.

Items & Content Edit

Within the levels related to Griffondell, the player will begin to collect Tier Three Equipment and Brewing Items. There is also the use of Silver Nuggets and Silver Bars in replacement for Copper variants. A new element not seen in prior villages is the option to unlock a new potion type, the Green Potion.

Along with the wind motif, Equipment and Enemies related to Griffondell typically relate to flying animals, winds or share green shading that all relate to air, such as the use of birds and butterflies.

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