Fleur is the second NPC (Non-Playable Character) of Postknight. She is the daughter of Alchemist Fiora. The player will meet her for the first time when completing a route, and the first few times, she will just run away or say “good day”. After a while, she will finally go back to Pompon and you can interact with her.

Gifts Edit

Check the Relationships page if you want, but here it is if you’re lazy.

Curry Rice (1/4)

Apple Juice (1/4)

Leaf Handkerchief (1/2)

Green Orchid (1/2)

Spring Bloom (1) Blossom Festival

Witch Ensemble (1) Hollow’s Eve

Winter Herb (1) Wintertide Event

  • Fleur’s gifts are normally herbs from any area.