C - Rank QuestEdit

Item: Merchant Goods
Client: Merchant
Description: A merchant forgot a bunch of his goods at home and headed off to a fair. His family sends the rest to him.

Looking for some wares, sir?
Hm? Delivery for me?
Oh! My goods!
Dear me, dear me!

Active Bait
Item: Spears
Client: Fisher
Description: A man orders special spears for his next fishing trip.

Is it my spears?
This quality.... exquisite.
I know who's catching the most fish tomorrow!

Item: Armour Set
Client: Soldier
Description: A worried wife wants to send another set of armour to her husband on the battlefield, just in case.

Goodness, what are you doing out here lad!
Something for me?
My armour! My sword!
Just what I needed. Martha always knows what's best.
My thanks to you.

Item: Sculpture
Client: Art Collector
Description: An reknowned sculptor sends his work to a buyer.

Good day.
Yes, that is me.
Ah, the sculpture.
Beautiful! Just what I expected from the master himself!
Servants! Come move this into the courtyard!

Don't Cry Wolf
Item: Fence
Client: Worried Townsman
Description: A townsman takes precaution after hearing several wolf howls recently.

Don't worry about the axe.
I'm just being careful.
The wolves keep running the area, you see.
Gotta set this fence up before sun down!

Fragile Crafts
Item: Glassware
Client: Grandmother
Description: A granddaughter sends a self-made glasswork set to her grandparent.

How may I help you, stranger?
Something for me?
Oh, how pretty!
From... I see now.
Such a talented granddaughter I have!

Friendly Fire
Item: Bonfire
Client: Camper's Son
Description: A seasoned camper decides to send his son some help during his first trip out alone.

Who might you be?
Huh, mail for me...?
A bonfire...?
Ah... dad...
Thanks, I guess...

Green Fingers
Item: Bags of Soil
Client: Plant Lover
Description: A plant enthusiat ordered premium bags of soil to further expand her garden.

Good Morning!
What great weather today!
Ah, my orders!
That just makes the day even better.
Thank you.

Harvest Soon
Item: Wine Barrels
Client: Winemaker
Description: A winery orders more barrels for their next harvest.

Buying? Selling?
Ah, delivering.
The barrels, right?
Thank you!
Now we are fully prepared for the harvest!

Hey Horsie
Item: Haystack
Client: Farmer
Description: A farmer imports quality hay for his horses.

Haven't seen you lot in a while.
A postknight eh.
You lot are sure faster.
Is my hay safe?
The last time I tried normal post... ah I don't want to think about it.
Just leave them here then, thanks!

Home Cook
Item: Small Stove
Client: Housewife
Description: A learning builder sends his home-built stove over to a friend to test out.

Hello, may I help you?
Mail? For me?
From Theodore...
I knew he was working on something, I didn't think he'd send it over!
Um, well, thank you!

Lit Meals
Item: Candelabrum
Client: Butler
Description: A butler purchases a replacement candle holder for the house.

A postknight, I presume?
Yes, thank you for the delivery.
Dinners have not been the same without it.

Machete Match
Item: Machete
Client: Hunter
Description: A hunter orders a special machete for his next hunting trip.

Who be you?
Ahh, my machete!
Took me ages to find someone to forge this!
Good, good!
Just in time for the hunt!

Monumental Memory
Item: Statue
Client: Sculptor
Description: A sculptor who moved into a new house used knightmail to deliver a statue of his. The status is sculpted after his deceased pet hamster, and is one of his most treasured work.

And a good day to you!
I trust you delivered my statue safely?

No Place Like Home
Item: Bed
Client: Scholar
Description: A mother wishes to send her son's bed to him to help him with his homesickness after leaving to work elsewhere.

My bed?! Wow! I didn't think mother was serious when she said she'd send it!
Thank you!

Patched Delight
Item: Quilts
Client: Caretaker
Description: A donation of patchwork quilts is sent to an orphanage.

Hello sir, may I help you?
Oh! It's a delivery, my apologies.
Ahh, more donations from Sir Ivo.
Thank you, the weather has been getting colder.
These quilts came just in time!

Scented Peace
Item: Scented Candles
Client: Thoughtful Husband
Description: A husband purchases a scented candle set in hopes of helping his stressed wife.

Ah, the candles, right?
Thanks for getting here so soon.
I hope these really help my wife relax as they claim to....

Tea Time Surprise
Item: Tea Set
Client: Old lady
Description: A person who does not wish to be named sends an exquisite tea set to a lady.

Good day, sir!
Something for me?
Oh! That's a beautiful tea set!
In fact... it's one I've been wanting to buy!
I wonder who sent it...

Work Smart
Item: Plough
Client: Farmer's Wife
Description: A wife orders a new tool to help her husband farm.

I've been waiting!
Now if only you were faster.
Now my husband can rest more - this'll do the job well!

Item: Cart
Client: Young Trader
Description: A boy who crashed his parent's cart sent it to be repaired, and to be sent back.

Ah, you're here!
With my cart, yes?
Sigh, my parents gave me hell for wrecking this...

Item: Bird Nest
Client: Breeder
Description: A bird nest for an avid breeder.

Hello, are you here with my mail?
Can't wait to add this to the nursery!

Item: Bouquet
Client: Young Lad
Description: A romantic bouquet of fresh and vibrant flowers.

Great, it's here!
I thought it wouldn't make it in time for my first date!
Flowers are the best gifts - if you know their favourite ones.
Have to go now or I'll be late, thanks!!

Brew Batch
Item: Herb Stock
Client: Alchemist
Description: A new stock of herbs for an aspiring alchemist.

Ah, timely!
Just in time for my next awesome concoction!

Confused Carpentry
Item: Furniture Set
Client: Carpenter's Wife
Description: A customer returns a furniture set for the correct one.

Dear me, dear me.
My husband sent out the wrong set to this customer.
Old age does things to us...
Thank you for returning it.
We'll have to get the next one ready to be delivered in it's place.

Comfort Cover
Item: Cloak
Client: Lady
Description: A daughter sends a hand-sewn cloak to her mother who is working away from home.

Something for me?
I'm not expecting any deliveries though... oh!
I recognize this!
It must be from my daughter!
Thank you so much!

Dip Down
Item: Bird Bath
Client: Bird Lover
Description: A bird bath for her beloved garden-visitors.

Good day, lad.
A parcel for me? Oh!
It's here!
Thank you, they'll love it!

For the Hunt
Item: Crossbow
Client: Hunter
Description: A sharp and shiny new crossbow for a hunter.

Just in time for hunting season!
Thank you!

Jack On the Ladder
Item: Ladder
Client: Jack-of-all-trades
Description: A ladder for a lad with many handy and helpful household skills.

I'm late!
Oh, it's here!
Great, pass it over!
I have to go now!

Mirror on the Floor
Item: Mirror
Client: Seamstress
Description: A seamstress' replacement mirror for her shop and customers.

It's here?
That was quicker than expected!
Now my customers can stop complaining.
My old mirror gave way!
Can you imagine, a seamstress without a mirror to offer?
Anyway, thanks!

A Thousand Words
Item: Drawing
Client: Father
Description: A mother sends her daughter's drawing to her husband who is away from home.

What's this?
I don't think I ordered anything...
Oh! I know this drawing style anywhere!
Thank you!
This makes me just a bit less homesick...

Devotion Spot
Item: Small Shrine
Client: Devotee
Description: A devotee has a new shrine sent to her home.

Good day to you.
Oh! Wonderful!
Just leave it here.
May you be blessed!

Item: Coffin
Client: Aged Man
Description: An old man prepares for his days to come.

Ah. It has arrived.
This is for me, you know.
I wanted to be prepared.
I can feel it coming for me.

Fowl Fair
Item: Hen Coop
Client: Farmer
Description: A farmer orders another coop in preparation for an upcoming fair.

Is it the coop?
Just in time for the fair.
I should've ordered earlier... but you know...

Gale Power
Item: Windmill
Client: Farmer
Description: A young farmer buys a windmill to help in and farm production and chores.

Ah, great! It's finally here!
Would've taken me months to build one myself.
Now things will be better around the farm.
I hope...

Jolts and Bolts
Item: Spare Parts
Client: Inventor
Description: An inventor is tired of not having spare parts when he needs them.

The spares!
I'm tired of not having parts when one breaks down...
Gives me a shock when things just malfunction like that!

Nosy Nomad
Item: Gossip Paper
Description: A nomad orders a gossip paper to be delivered to where she is.

I might be traveling around, but I still have to keep up with the latest news from all around!
It's also great reading material for traveling
I can pick it up anytime, put it down anytime!

Revered Earth
Item: Sacred Rock
Client: Zealot
Description: A zealot prefers keep a scared rock close to home.

I can feel its power from a mile away.
Thank you for delivering it safe and sound.
Now even my home is protected and blessed.

Solemn Remains
Item: Urn
Client: Daughter
Description: A daughter has her mother's urn delivered to her.

Oh, it's here!
Thanks for keeping it safe.
I would have brought it along myself, but I didn't want to risk it.
They say the roads have been teeming with dangerous creatures today.
Thanks again!

Seaside Fort
Item: Sand Castle
Client: Grandmother
Description: A doting grandmother sends her grandchildren's sandcastle home from the beach.

Who are you?
A postknight?
Oh! The sandcastle.
Good, good.
The kids wouldn't stop asking me where it was!

B - Rank QuestEdit

Ammo or No
Item: Cannonballs
Client: Pawnbroker
Description: A set of unused cannonballs that have been pawned off.

So these are the cannonballs, eh?
They're really not worth much.
Thanks for sending them here, anyway.

Art Pot
Item: Vase
Client: Collector
Description: A vase ordered by a collector.

Yes, that's me.
Yes, the vase!
Yes, wonderful!
No, that's fine. Thank you.

Comfort Spin
Item: Spinning Wheel
Client: Weaver
Description: A weaver replaces a faulty spinning wheel.

Is it the new wheel?
I've pricked my finger on the old one too many times!
Thank you.

Dad Desk
Item: Workbench
Client: Daughter
Description: A birthday present for a father who spends a lot of time inventing gadgets.

Hello there.
Oh! It's here!
Lovely, just in time for the birthday party!
Thank you, postknight!

Item: Shield Set
Client: General's Grandson
Description: A grandfather sends his treasured gear to his grandson who will be following his footsteps soon.

The shields from grandpa!
He was amazing in battles when he still fought them.
I hope to be at least half as good when I grow up and join the army!
Thank you, sir!

Item: Explosive Potion
Client: Pyromaniac
Description: A seemingly dangerous potion for a seemingly dangerous person.

It's here!

Key to Knowledge
Item: Keys
Client: Librarian
Description: A librarian returns from his travels but forgets the library's keys at his previous lodging.

Do you have my keys?
I would've been fired if the innkeeper hadn't sent me the letter to let me know about my keys.
Thank goodness he was quick to send them!
Thank you!

Lumber Craft
Item: Wood Logs
Client: Sculptor
Description: A wood sculptor receives new logs for his next series.

These are perfect!
Perfect... for my next series!
I better get started now.
These logs aren't going to sculpt themselves!

Soaring Support
Item: Pillars
Client: Architect
Description: An architect has additional decorative pillars delivered as per his customer's request.

Mmm, wonderfully made!
I knew these pillar-makers won't dissapoint me.
And neither will I dissapoint my customer!
Thanks for delivering them.
I didn't know anyone who'd take the job!

Spell Readings
Item: Spellbook
Client: Apprentice
Description: An apprentice orders a rare spellbook to improve her knowledge.

Is that my spellbook?
Yes! Thank you!
Sir Siegfried will be shocked to see my new spells!

Building Blocks
Item: Limestone Blocks
Client: Architect
Description: An architect receives the materials she has been looking for.

Do you have my limestone blocks?
Thank you.
Now we can work on the finishing touches!

Camp Plan
Item: Tent
Client: Camper
Description: A camper is missing his most essential item.

Hello there.
My tent!
They weren't kidding when they said you guys would deliver anywhere!

Expensive Calibur
Item: Stuck Sword
Client: Expert
Description: A stuck sword is sent to an expert to be removed.

Hello there.
Ah. This.
I wonder who stuck the sword in there.
It's not going to be easy removing it without damaging the blade.
Anyway, I shall get started now.

Family Heirloom
Item: Fountain
Client: Son
Description: A son receives his family heirloom after an unfortunate accident.

So ironic of this to be passed on through the generations...
...when my parents died at sea.
Thank you for delivering this anyway.

Hot Iron
Item: Anvil
Client: Blacksmith
Description: A blacksmith gets a new tool.

Hello to you too.
Ah, my anvil!
I haven't been able to work with the old one in its current state...

Melodious Dreams
Item: Musical Instruments
Client: Aspiring Musician
Description: An aspiring musician receives new instruments.

Good day to you, sir.
My instruments!
Thank you!
I'm going to try them out now!

Preserved Parent
Item: Mummy
Client: Collector
Description: A collector awaits the latest addition to her collection.

Ah, my item! Isn't it gorgeous?
I hear they call it a "mummy". How interesting!
It will make a great addition to my collection.

Prickly Plant
Item: Bushes
Client: Alchemist
Description: An alchemist requires a thorny plant for a concotion.

Oh, hello there.
Something for me?
Ah, this must be from my apprentice!
I didn't know she would be able to find and send it so soon.
Thank you.

Secure Study
Item: Taxidermy
Client: Scholar
Description: A scholar receives long-lasting specimens for his research.

It's tiring to keep live subjects.
These will do well for my research.

Toxic Bloom
Item: Posion Ivy
Client: Scholar
Description: A scholar is tasked to study a seemingly dangerous plant.

Ah, I know what it is.
Do be careful handling it.
We merely know that is is dangerous and have no cure for its effects yet.

Bombs Ahead
Item: Cannons
Client: Soldier
Description: A camp at Kurestal's borders are in need of new cannons

Ah, a postknight!
Are you delivering our new cannons?
Thanks, buddy.

Cain's Caspid Compost
Item: Compost
Client: Farmer
Description: A farmer orders Cain's prized compost to use on his farm.

Are you a postknight?
Is my delivery here?
Yes! The wait is over!
...uh, you can cover your nose if the smell is too strong...
Thank you!

Curse Cure
Item: Cursed Amulet
Client: Witch
Description: A witch's sister sends her a cursed amulet to be purified.

What an ominous energy!
It must be that amulet my sister was telling me about.
Now let's see what I can do to lift the curse...

Engraved Memory
Item: Tombstones
Client: Son
Description: A family who is moving want to bring their great-great grandparents' tombstone along with them.

Are you delivering the tombstones?
I trust that they are safe?
Thank you.

Gourmet Package
Item: Cheese Pack
Client: Cheese Lover
Description: A farmer sends his grandchild some of her favourite cheese.

Hello, sir!
Something for me?
Oh! From grandpa!
Thank you!

Mucky Renewal
Item: Mud
Client: Spa Owner
Description: A fresh stock of mud is sent to a spa.

Mmmmm! Look at how fresh the mud is!
Perfect for the spa!
Thank you for the quick delivery.
I've had so many visitors, I ran out of fresh mud before I realized!

Shining Shimmering Splendid
Item: Carpets
Client: Decorator
Description: A decorator orders a variety of carpets for a fussy client.

Delivery? Is it my carpets?
They're shiny, huh?
I ordered every other interesting one I could find...
I'm sure at least a few of it will suit her preferences!

Stock Store
Item: Shed
Client: Farmer
Description: A new shed for an expanding farm.

Good day!
Ah, the new shed!

Warrior's Legacy
Item: Bloodstained Armour
Client: Knight's Wife
Description: A warrior dying wish is to send his last set of armour to his family.
Dialogue:, hello?
Oh! This is...!!
They told me he sent me something besides the letter but I...
....didn't expect...
...he left so suddenly...
...thanks for sending this...
It's nice to have something to remember him by...

Item: Watermill
Client: Lumberjack
Description: A lumberjack orders a watermill to aid production.

Oh goody!
It's here!
Wanted to speed things up back at the sawmill.
Thanks, mister!

Creak Not
Item: Preserved Cricle
Client: Artist
Description: A whole cricle is hard to get hold of, making it still valueable even when it is no longer alive.

It's a great day in the valley, hmm?
Oh! My cricle!
I'm supposed to do a series of paintings of them, but it's impossible to catch one!
This was the best way I could think of.
Thanks for the delivery.

Crystal Flying
Item: Energy Crystal
Client: Royal Pilot
Description: An energy crystal is sent to be used in an airship prototype.

Ah, the energy crystal to power the experimental airship!
I don't think I was supposed to say that...
Pretend you didn't hear it, alright?

Honey Money
Item: Beehive
Client: Bee Keeper
Description: A new hive is ordered for more bees on the farm.

Hello there, don't worry, they won't come over.
Especially not with this new beehive!
Just leave it there, I'll take care of it.
Thank you for the delivery!

Meal On Heels
Item: Feast
Client: Lucky Lad
Description: A girl wishes to send a homecooked feast to her lover who lives in another town.

For me...? I don't remember ordering... oh!
It's from Elise!
Oh... wow... she really did... thanks for sending this over, sir.
Really made my day!

Item: Apple Pie
Client: Pie Lover
Description: A family sends their signature home-baked pie to their only child who is away from home.

Yes? That smell...
From my parents?!
Great, thanks!
Let me get started on it now!

Refreshing Baths
Item: Spring Water
Client: Servant
Description: A maiden orders water from a faraway spring for her baths.

Greetings, sir.
These should be my mistress' orders.
Thank you.
I was afraid they'd arrive late.
She wouldn't be happy.

Scorching Research
Item: Lava
Client: Scholar
Description: A scholar receives a burning hot lava sample from his partner from Helix.

I didn't really think my partner meant it when he said he would send me fresh samples!
Um, thanks!

Tiery Birthday
Item: Birthday Cake
Client: Birthday Girl
Description: An aunt who lives faraway from her niece wants to send her a birthday cake, after not being able to visit her for years.

Hmm, mail?
Oh! Cake from Aunt Fay!
I love her cakes... *sniff* she makes the best desserts!
I haven't seen her in years, I didn't think she'd remember...
*sob*... thank you!

Titanic Forge
Item: Titanium Ore
Client: Blacksmith
Description: A blacksmith buys some rare materials he has longed to work on.

Ah! My titanium!
Thanks for getting them here safe and sound.
Great weapons will be forged from these!

To Ashes
Item: Dragon Fire
Client: Witch
Description: A witch orders blazing hot dragon fire for one of her brews.

I've been expecting you.
Thank you.
Hope you didn't get burnt!

A - Rank QuestEdit

A Will
Item: Wisp Fire
Client: Scholar
Description: A scholar is sent a strange fire to study.

Hello there.
A parcel, yes I'm expecting it.
Hmmm.... interesting.
Thank you for your service.

Energy Crystal
Item: Energy Crystal
Client: Village Head
Description: A village is in need of some emergency energy.

Oh! You're here!
Thank goodness!
Our main watermills and windmills broke down!
We'd be in a pinch if it wasn't for energy crystals.
Thank you!

King of Fruits
Item: Durian
Client: Fruit Enthusiast
Description: A fruit that some may deem the best, while some may think otherwise.

The smell!
They say this is the king of fruits, you know?
I'm going to find out!
It was so hard to get my hands on this!

New Vessel
Item: Boat
Client: Fisherman
Description: A new boat to sail the seas.

Ah, she's here!
Recent trips have been tough because my old girl has been letting up.
I look forward to my first trip with this one!
Thanks for sending her here!

Premium Baked
Item: Wheat Bundles
Client: Baker
Description: A fresh supply of premium wheat for a famous bakery.

Oh, not here to buy?
Ah, a new supply!
It must've been hard to send it over from so far and with such speed!
Thank you!

Sleeping Blooms
Item: Flower Bed
Client: Florist
Description: A florist plans to increase her fresh stock.

Hi there.
It's just like I ordered it to be.
Now I'll have more variety at my cart.
My thanks to you.

Soup for the Soul
Item: Hot Soup
Client: Elderly Man
Description: A girl believes that boiling hot soup is the best cure for... well, everything. Especially when it comes to her dad.

*cough* Who is it?
*cough* Delivery? I didn't order anything.
Oh! *cough* From Beth!
My, my! *cough* Chicken soup for my *cough* soul!
This'll *cough* sooth my *cough* poor throat.
Thanks *cough* kind sir.

Stocking Up
Item: Wine Supply
Client: Wine Connoisseur
Description: A new batch of quality wines for someone who appreciates them.

More wines! I was just finishing up a bottle.
Would you like a sip? No? Alright.
Put them over there, be careful now.
Thank you!

Tooth Task
Item: Dragon Fang
Client: Alchemist
Description: An alchemist delivers a rare and expensive ingredient in the best possible way.

Hello, delivery for me?
Ah, yes. The fang.
I trusted you postknights to deliver it well.
I am not dissapointed.
Thank you.

Wheels On Fire
Item: Carriage
Client: Coachman
Description: A new carriage for better and safer rides.

May I help you?
Oh, the new carriage I ordered!
I didn't think they'd send it over so soon!
It's gold well spent.
Thanks for the delivery, sir!

Art and Arc
Client: Architect
Description: An architect sends his work to a purchaser.

Bottoms Up
Item: Beer
Client: Host
Description: A party needs beer, lots of beer.

Hello there.
Thanks for the shipment.
I have to go now, I still have lots to plan for the party!

Item: Meat Stock
Client: Meat Lover
Description: A good stock of meat is always good in preparation for winter.

*yawn* Yes?
Ah, the meat!
Great timing, I was just about to cook.
Nothing like a meaty meal for breakfast!

Caved In
Item: Stalactite
Client: Scholar
Description: A gem-embedded stalactite is sent for examination.

What is it? I'm busy.
Oh, it's the stalactite.
Leave it there.
I have no idea why they want me to check out these things...

From Under
Item: Seafood
Client: Chef
Description: A restuarant needs an emergency supply of fresh seafood.

Here for the food?
Oh, you're here with the food.
Thank you!
Look at the freshness!

Heigh Ho
Item: Mining Tools
Client: Shopkeeper
Description: A shopkeeper stocks up on a very specific request.

Ah, hello.
Good, good.
I never stock these in bigger amounts.
When the orders come in, I have to get them in stock!
Thank goodness for knightmail.

Locked Knowledge
Item: Sealed Book
Client: Magician
Description: A sealed-book is best unsealed at the hands of someone experienced.

M'mmmm, I've been waiting for this.
My friends have been unsuccessful at unsealing this book.
I think I have a good chance!
I'm excited to know what knowledge it holds!

Natural Delicacies
Description: A feast of fruits for a celebration.

Rub a Dub Dub
Item: Bathtub
Client: Lady
Description: A good bath always come in a tub.

Oh, it's here!
Thank you!
I've been wanting one for so long!

Unicorn Horn
Item: Unicorn Horn
Client: Mysterious Person
Description: A rare and precious material said to grant wishes or great power.

Yes, that's mine.
Okay, bye.

S - Rank QuestEdit

Freshest Fruits
Item: Apple Tree
Client: Caring Sister
Description: A young girl wants to send the freshest apples to her sister.

Knightmail? Could it be...?
The apple tree! Our apple tree!
Guess my sister was serious about sending the freshest fruits available!
Thank you, Sir Postknight!

Sleeping Danger
Item: Dragon Egg
Client: Animal Lover
Description: An animal lover is sent her latest addition to take care of.

I've been waiting! Is it safe and well?
Let me set it down carefully...
Thanks for the careful delivery!
These aren't easy to come by!

Product Pool
Item: Fish Pond
Client: Breeder
Description: A breeder orders a new pond for her beautiful fishes.

Good day to you too.
Ah, my pond.
Thank you!
It would've taken forever for me to make one myself at this age!
Having it sent over is definitely better.

Poperly Love
Item: Pippop
Client: Brother
Description: A brother sends his siblings a pet he loves.

Hello to you too.
Oh! A pippop!
It must be from my brother!
Thank you, sir!

S for Scare
Item: Cockroach Prank
Client: Entomophobic
Description: A prank is sent in an expensive way.

Who would do this?!
Isn't knightmail expensive?!

S-Rank Quest

Hardcore Tester
Description: A person send himself to a friend to test out the limits of knightmail.