Deliveries are a group of side quests in Postknight that allow the player to complete the duties of an actual postknight and deliver goods to the denizens of the Kurestal kingdom. There's a list of all deliveries on the Delivery Quests page.

Overview Edit

Within every city, there is mail box located next to the Quests board. Tapping this mail box will present a menu listing that city's Postknight Deliveries. These are quests that involve the postnight safely delivering an item to a person. These items can vary between beds to scented candles to even entire statues.

Each city can have 4 delivery quests available at the same time - so if there are 3 cities unlocked, one can accomplish 12 different deliveries. The deliveries will reset every 6 hours, regardless if one has checked out or completed any of the quests within the mailbox. To bypass this timer, one can watch an advertisement or pay gems to reset the available deliveries instantly.


Tapping on one of the deliveries will present a brief description about the item and the sender or receiver when selecting the delivery.

To deliver the item successfully, the player has to defeat enemies on his way to the destination. As of version 1.0.8(73), there are three waves of enemies the player must defeat before reaching the one who is receiving the item for Rank C deliveries. Deliveries of higher ranks will contain extra waves and more enemies as a result.

The rewards of deliveries include all the items that the postknight found on the way - gold, materials dropped by the enemies - and a chest. The chest contains random materials from all the cities that have already been unlocked and has a chance of giving several gems. Completing a delivery also rewards the player with a Postknight Token.

Postknight Tokens & Rank Edit

The Postknight tokens are used to level up the player's Postknight rank, that ranges from "C" to "S". Each rank also has a numerical range of, for example, "B-9" to "B-1". Reaching a higher rank allows access to higher tier Deliveries, which are more difficult and gives better rewards. Leveling the rank also increases the gold and XP received on knightmail, and increases the time that offline rewards are collected while not playing.

Each delivery rank drops a different postknight token. C-ranked deliveries rewards the regular blue Postknight token, B-ranked deliveries reward the Silver Token, A-ranked deliveries reward the Gold Token, and S-ranked deliveries reward more Gold Tokens than A-ranked deliveries (2.1.4). Better tokens award more points to level up the Postknight Rank.