Copper Bar is an item in Postknight that is used in trading to obtain pieces of equipment when shopping at a Trader's shop or interacting with love interests.

Collection Edit

Copper Bars are very obscure items when compared to other items, having the inability to be dropped by any enemy from any area or as loot from chests. Therefore, their only source is from trading and relationship gifts. Trader's shops of Pompon and Shello Bay often stock up on Copper Bars, while Asteria can provide all three types of bars.

Within trades that grant Copper Bars, Coins, Copper Ore or both are used.

Usage Edit

Copper Bars are resident to a small subcategory of items: trade items. That being their only purpose is to be used to trade for different items to aid the player in their adventure.

Being so obscure and so finicky, they are very valuable since they must be used to acquire pieces of equipment. They serve to fuel to the trades within Trader deals, providing the only method to unlock them outside of active story rewards.

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