Not to be confused with Stats.

Combat Stats refer to the attributes in Postknight that make up the player's in-combat statistics and influenced by stats and equipment.

Overview Edit

Combat Stats are essential for keeping the player alive and allowing them to progress through the level and defeat enemies, as they comprise all the major components of battle except for skills.

Health (HP) Edit

Health is one of the most important statistics within combat, allowing the player to endure damage provided by enemies and keeping the player themselves alive. There are many different items and abilities such as potions that can help replenish health after it has been lost, allowing the player to survive longer. If the player's HP drops to zero, they will be defeated and their progress in the level stopped, returning them and the items they collected to that point back to the village.

Attack Edit

Attack is also a very important statistic, serving as a value to calculate how much damage is dealt on hit to the enemy. In Postknight, damage is a key factor to survival in higher difficulty areas and situations, as having low damage prevents the player from taking out high priority targets quickly. Having a slower kill rate allows enemies to retaliate much more consistently, wasting the player's time and health.

Defence Edit

Defence is a statistic that is much less important than the others previously mentioned, though it still has its role for player survival. Defence is used to determine how much damage a player receives when comping into contact with a projectile or an enemy, assisting the HP statistic by effectively extending the HP pool by negating portions of damage. Of all the combat stats, defence is split up into four sub-stats:

  • Defence, serving as a damage reduction to all attacks. Obtained on body equipment.
  • Physical Defence, reducing damage from any physical attacks. Obtained by consuming the Red Potion.
  • Magical Defence, reducing damage from any magical damage source. Obtained by consuming the Blue Potion.
  • Ranged Defence, reducing any projectile damage. Obtained by shield equipment.

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