Potions can be used in battles to regenerate Health Points. There is a Red Potion, a Green Potion, a Blue Potion and a Crystal Potion . Each of these can be upgraded with certain materials:

  • Strength of potion (How many health points are healed each use).
  • Cooldown of potion (How long you have to wait to use it again after use).
    • Required materials: Puffwort in Pompon, Angel Wings in Shello Bay, Galesip in Griffondell, Tuffler Tusks in Caldemount and Grottoshroom in Valley of Gold
  • A bonus trait, that varies from potion to potion.
    • Required materials: Sage in Pompon, Chuvie in Shello Bay, Danderion in Griffondell, Firebloom in Caldemount and Moonbud in Valley of Gold

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