Caldemount is the fourth village in Postknight, presented as a well defended town protected by tall walls within the city, surrounded by a hilly flatland. It is unlocked after completing Griffondell and must be completed in order to progress to the Valley of Gold.

Story Edit

The story arcs of Caldemount center around a series of rumors and events regarding the South Temple and its residence, with accounts of spontaneous violence against others that approach the Temple and abuse of local animals.

Though some characters like Camellia remain skeptical for a time, it is revealed that these claims were mostly true, with the confrontation by the attitude of the Cultist Leader boasting an obvious superiority complex to non-cult members.

Overview Edit

Caldemount is similar to that of a medieval village encompassed by the protective beige brick walls when traveling through the residence's housing area. There are trees that periodically dot the background, with the ground paved with beige cobblestone. When participating in a delivery, the area changes to a view outside the castle walls to present a quaint flatland scenario with blue cloudy skies, green grass, small hills in the immediate background and brilliant blue mountains in the far background.

Similarly to Pompon, Caldemount holds two love interests as well as the Leader, Blacksmith, Alchemist and Trader. Dahlia is located in the first house, while Camellia is at the fourth.

Items & Content Edit

Items found while traversing the area will present Tier 4 items, including equipment when completing the story. Similar to Griffondell prior, Caldemount is home to its own potion, the Blue Potion.

The enemies of Caldemount are clearly divided into two groups: animals and cultists. Animals are the weaker enemies of the two, having very simple designs and light color schemes. Cultists use normal character body typing, wearing black and red cloaks and dealing high magic damage.

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