Blacksmith Items are a group of items in Postknight that are used to upgrade equipment, powering their passive abilities and making the player stronger in battle.

Most items are found by defeating any enemy within the respective world, except for several items that are dropped exclusively by some creatures. This behavior is seen with Siren Scales, which are only dropped when defeating Sirens.

The items used for the blacksmith periodically change from village to village, as seen with Silver Ore replacing Copper Ore for Griffondell armour sets. Within villages, some items are used exclusively for a single set. Notable exceptions to this is Ores and Logs.

Currently, there are _ amount of items, being used to upgrade the 21 different sets of armour, or 84 pieces of equipment, that are currently in Postknight.

Copper Ore, Walnut Log, Wolf Pelt, Sunblaze

Bag O' Blooplets, Giant Claw, Siren Scale, Sea Marbel

Silve Ore, Calphor Log, Mevari Feather, Fritweave, Leather Scraps, Zephrite

Puff Tuft, Myke Hide, Robe Piece, Spirit Orb

Mimic Core, Valley Guaze, Crichip, Gold Ore, Elder Log, Crystabit