Blacksmith Avery is the resident blacksmith of Griffondell.

Appearance Edit

Avery has dull blue hair, wears a red cape, brown gloves and dull blue overalls. He holds a hammer, wears a utility belt on his waist and has goggles on his head.

His body-shape is vastly different from the normal shape used in other humanoid characters up to this point. He has the distinction of having thicker limbs, taller stature and a much more square head that more closely resembles the Bandit Chief's body-type. He is also the father of Asteria, a love interest in the Valley of Gold.

Interactions Edit

As the local blacksmith for Griffondell, Avery is used to upgrade pieces of equipment by providing specific items for consumption. At this point in the game, a player will begin to receive Griffondell equipment sets as well as their parts very readily from the enemies, providing some use for Avery if the player was interested in using the new sets.

Quotes Edit

First Meeting

  • TBA

After meeting

  • "Good to see yer, laddie. Need some upgrades?"