Alchemy Items are a class of items that are used to upgrade potions and to strengthen their passive abilities.

Each item can be dropped when defeating an enemy, where the type of item depends on which location the player is in (eg. Danderlions, Argeibiis and Galesips can only be found at Griffondell). They can also be obtained by visiting and purchased from Traders in the item's respective location, as well as being looted from chests at the end of quests from any area.

Currently, there are 15 different alchemy items, with five different variants for each upgradable aspect of potion brewing: Healing Potency, Cooldown and Effect Potency.

Ceurleaf, Puffwort, Sage

Costar, Angel Wings, Chuvie

Argiebii, Galesip, Danderion

Kuroot, Tuffler Tusk, Firebloom

Glowbuds, Grottoshroom, Boonbud